Eric Vloeimans & Will Holshouser

Unforgettably unclassifiable ... expressive and uncategorizable chamber music in a jazz setting. Both [Eric and Will] are emotionally articulate across a broad range of feeling ... each of them is sublimely musical and virtuosic on his instrument, and both employ their virtuosity in the service of the music, not vice versa.” - Mel Minter

Musically Speaking

New live album & US tours

In 2022, Eric and Will released their live album Two for the Road and toured in the US and Canada. They are now booking two future US/Canada touring periods:

Oct. 4 - 17, 2023 and Sept. 1 - 15, 2024

They will be showcasing at the Chamber Music America conference in New York (Jan. 6th or 7th, 2023).
(Photo at left: Merlijn Doomernik)

Eric Vloeimans (NL) and Will Holshouser (US) play evocative original compositions with a wide variety of influences. These two virtuoso musicians use the intimacy of the duo setting to full effect: lush trumpet and accordion textures, catchy melodies, and energetic improvising abound. With elements of chamber music, jazz, and folk music, this pair is refreshingly hard to classify.

An accordion and a trumpet. They brought a sold-out house . . . to ecstasy. Their mixture of melodic jazz and musical cultures from a variety of countries and ages once again proved Eric Vloeimans’s absolute mastery. Accordionist Will Holshouser’s . . . is definitely on a par to it. Together they reached a result that can be considered consummate. ” - Rinus Van Der Heijden

Jazz Nu (NL)

The blend that Dutch jazz trumpeter, Eric Vloeimans, and American accordionist, Will Holshouser, bring to the stage brings on such a state of awe, with its beauty and eclectic influences, that a CD release from their 2021 concert tour in the Netherlands is a “must” purchase. * * * * *” - Jeff Krow

Audiophile Audition

I didn’t wake up one day suddenly longing to hear a trumpet and accordion duo, but now that Two for the Road is in my life, the new album by Eric Vloeimans and Will Holshouser seems essential ... Simultaneously cerebral and fun, the duo’s music has unexpectedly become my default soundtrack.” - Bill Brownlee

There Stands the Glass

Selections from new album: two for the road (2022)

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US Tour fall 2022

Contact: susanna von canon